2017 RJC Southeast Conference

RJC (Reaching Japanese For Christ) Southeast Conference


Date: March 11, 2017
Time: 8:30am-5:00pm
Place: Intown Community Church
2059 Lavista Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30329

Organized by RJC (Reaching Japanese For Christ) Network
Sponsored by Second Level Ministry

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$15 (Early bird: before February 22, 2017) – Lunch and snack included
$20 (After February 23)

A great opportunity in Atlanta, GA for Christians interested or involved in Japanese evangelism and discipleship to meet and equip each other.

The purpose of the RJC Southeast conference:
1: Bring the network and partnership among Japanese Christians and those who serve Japanese in the Southeast region.
2: Bring more unity and connection among the Japanese churches in Atlanta and the Southeast area as we reach out to Japanese.
3: Provide encouragement and more tools/resources to each ministry/church.

Main Speaker

1972年埼玉県生まれ。小学生の時、近所のクリスチャン婦人の伝道を通してキリストを信じるようになる。大学卒業前に「わたしについて来なさい。あなたを人間をとる漁師にしてあげよう」という御言葉を与えられて主への献身の思いが与えれる。2000年に韓国人である妻ヘヨンと結婚、3人の娘が与えられる。大学院卒業後、神学校に導かれ、2006年Louisiana Baptist Universityを卒業。Japanese Church Planting Network (JCPN) と共に北米教会開拓に参加することを決意。2006年10月家族と共に日本語教会開拓のビジョンをもって、セントルイスに移り住む。2007年2月にJapanese International Harvest Church (Southern Baptist)を開拓。

Yoshi Ubukata was in 1972, in Saitama, Japan and he came to know Jesus through a Christian lady in his neighborhood, when he was in elementary school. Before graduating college, God spoke to him, through Matthew 4:19; “Follow me, and I will make fishers of men,” and Yoshi decided to commit himself to serve God. He married his wife Hyeyeon in 2000 and God blessed him with 3 daughters. After a graduate school in Tokyo, God led him to be trained at seminary and he graduated from Louisiana Baptist University in 2006. Then, he decided to work with Japanese Church Planting Network (JCPN). Yoshi and his family moved to St. Louis with the vision to start a Japanese speaking church. Yoshi started Japanese International Harvest Church (SBC) in February of 2007.

Workshop Speakers

Brian McGregor
Shinto: the Gospel’s Gate
Masato Nagai, 長井正人
Building The Church-Body of Christ 「キリストの教会を建て上げる
Akihiko Nakamura, 中村明彦(なかむらあきひこ)
The Importance of Ministry Skills: Making and Keeping Friends
Tak Oue, 大上高弘
How to Reach Japanese and Help Them Become Reproducing Disciples
Brian McGregor

Brian McGregor was born in Wisconsin. He studied Interpersonal, Public, and Cultural Communication at the University of South Florida, graduating with a BA in 2001. He continued his studies on a non-traditional timeline at Columbia International University, beginning his Masters of Divinity Studies in 2010. He traveled to Japan on a mission trip with Christar in 2012 and went to China for two and a half months with his wife, Yan Wang, in 2015.

Shinto: the Gospel’s Gate
Brian’s workshop will discuss the Shintō worldview and the challenges and opportunities that it provides. His discussion will include the Japanese native term for Creator God and a possible redemptive analogy through Shintō festivals and Japanese history. The purpose of this talk is to give us a new way of explaining sin and the Gospel through Japanese culture, which will strengthen our ministries’ impact.

Masato Nagai, 長井正人

1958年生まれ。18歳でアメリカ留学。27歳で受洗。神戸改革派神学校卒。岐阜県の大垣で4年、福岡県の長丘で13年間教会の牧師として働いた後、2012年4月よりウエストミンスター日本人教会 (ジョージア州アトランタ)


Akihiko Nakamura, 中村明彦

1952年神奈川県横浜市生まれ。米国に留学中に、生涯の伴侶と出会い、彼女に誘われて、初めて、教会の礼拝に参加。その後、日本に帰国し、1980年に東京で持たれたビリーグラハム博士のクルセードで、キリストに従うことを決意. 20年余りの日本での会社人生に別れを告げ、1997年に再度、夫婦で渡米、サウスカロライナ州のコロンビアインターナショナル神学校で学ぶ。在学中に、友人である韓国人神学生の励ましによって、日本人留学生に福音伝道を始める。現在は、日本人を含めた世界各国の留学生を自宅に招き、自身の留学体験をもとに、福音を伝えるフルタイムの働きを続ける。Ripe for Harvest に所属する宣教師。
Was born in Yokohama in 1952. He met his future wife, Anne Fusako, during his college study in the state of Washington and was invited to go to church service by her. That was his first visit to church. Later he married, returned to Japan, and decided to follow Jesus when Dr. Billy Graham came to speak at his crusade in Tokyo in1980. In 1997 he returned to the States with his wife to study at the Columbia International University, Columbia SC. During his academic training there, one of his Korean friends challenged him to start a ministry to Japanese. Ever since, he and Anne have continued to minister to international students including Japanese as full-time missionaries. The couple are missionaries of the mission agency, “Ripe for Harvest.”

The Importance of Ministry Skills: Making and Keeping Friends: The workshop introduces their 18 year-long evangelistic ministry to internationals students on the campus of the University of South Carolina. They share networking among local Christians and churches, developing relationships with internationals, facing various challenges, and planting gospel-seeds. In light of the uniqueness of ministry environment of each workshop participant, their inputs are welcomed. The goal is to provide principles of ministry and to assist participants in applying them in their individual ministry.

Takahiro Oue – Retired missionary
Tak Oue, 大上高弘

Tak was born in Kochi City, Japan in 1943 and came to Kentucky when he was 13 years old. He became a Christian at age 17. Tak married Lana in 1967, and they were appointed as Southern Baptist missionaries to Japan in November 1969. After language study, they planted churches in several cities from 1972 to 1999. Tak also pastored a church in Tokyo from 1986 to 1989 while leading a church growth study for Japan Baptist Mission. From 2002 to 2014, Tak, along with his wife, facilitated beginning of house churches and trained believers to become reproducing disciples. After officially retiring from International Mission Board in April 2016, they are partnering with Glow Ministries to help reach the Japanese living in the south Atlanta area.


”How to Reach Japanese and Help Them Become Reproducing Disciples”
I will be sharing insights from my experience in Japan as a church planter that will be useful in reaching the Japanese with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will include practical help in evangelism for those who want to share the Gospel and as well as how to disciple new believers so that they will reproduce themselves in others. Also, I will introduce the small group church, often called house church, organic church, or simple church, that God is using throughout the world to expand His kingdom.

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