2018 RJC International Conference

17th annual Reaching Japanese for Christ International Conference –

Theme: One Plants, One Waters, God Gives the Increase 「ある者が植えて、別な者が水を注ぐ。しかし、神が成長させる」1コリント人への手紙1 Cor. 3:6
RJC Intensive (Pre-Conference): Thursday, Feb 15, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Speaker: Yoshito Noguchi
Speaker: Sunao Shimada  
When: February 15-17, 2018

Where: Calvary Chapel La Habra, 1370 Euclid St. La Habra, CA 90631


  • RJC Intensive/Pre-Conference

    “Reaching Japanese for Christ within the Japanese cultural milieu.”

    “Video PresentationsReaching Japanese for Christ within the Japanese cultural milieu.”

    Daniel Kikawa, Presentation #1
    Daniel Kikawa, Presentation #2
    Daniel Kikawa, Presentation #3
    Ben Kagiwada, Presentation

    We will consider the concept of reaching Japanese for Christ an appropriate way within the Japanese cultural milieu. We will also look at how to do this practically within the unique setting of Japanese living in North America. Presentations will be made by Daniel Kikawa, Ben Kagiwada and others.


    Daniel Kikawa has been researching cross-cultural issues for over 20 years. He has taught thousands of missionaries on every continent. He also serves as president of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries which produced the DVD, “Fingerprints of God.”

    ダニエル•キカワ牧師は、20年以上の間、クロスカルチャーの専門家として、世界中で何千人もの宣教師達を指導してこられました。また、「神が日本に残した指紋」のDVDを出版したAloha Ke Akua Ministries の会長を務めておられます。

    Kagiwada, Tetsuo Ben is currently pastoring at South Bay Japanese Christian Fellowship. At the age of 24 he became a pastor and ministered to churches in Osaka, Tochigi, Orange County, Ibaraki and Los Angeles. During his ministry in Ibaraki he came to realize the indispensable importance of knowing Buddhism and Shintoism and so started to learn more about these religions. Further, he is currently exploring ways for Christianity to overcome its exclusion from Japanese culture.

Plenary Sessions

Sunao Shimmada Part 1
Sunao Shimmada Part 2
Yoshito Noguchi Part 1
Yoshito Noguchi Part 2

Conference Seminars

RJC International Conference 2018Seminar Title 
Art Panel led by Miya SmithUsing Art As OutreachArt
Brown, NaokoChallenges In Japanese Culture To Spreading The Gospel (English)Challenges
Crescini, Anne "What My Buddhist Best Friend Taught Me About How To More Effectively Share The Gospel. (English)Buddhist Friend
Ichikawa, Sho 市川祥「聖書を読むのが初めてという人のためのバイブルスタディ&新しいクリスチャンのためのバイブルスタディ」" Introducing The Bible For First Timers" (Bi-Lingual)Bible
Inatomi, Yuichiro 稲冨祐一郎「弟子としなさい」を考えてみましょう Let's Consider Together, What is it to "Make Disciples?" (Bi-Lingual)Disciples
Ingle, TimPro-Quality Outreach Media... Mission Impossible? (English)Media
Ishitobi, TobiReaching the Japanese through Multi-Cultural Ministry (English)
Noguchi, Yoshito 野口義人ミッショナルコミュニティー Missional Communities (Bi-Lingual)Missional Communities, Audio
Osato, Eiji 大里英二 「人をとる漁師となる ~海外在住日本人への有効な伝道方法~」Become a Successful Fisherman: Effective Methods for Evangelizing Japanese Living Overseas (Bi-lingual)Fisherman Audio; Video
Sakakibara, Nobu 榊原のぶ「日本に宣教するビジョンを持つ日本人教会」The Church With Vision to Evangelize Japan (Bi-Lingual)
Shibazaki, Yoshio “The Golden Rule: The Right Heart and Behavior in Implementation” 「ゴールデン・ルール実践のための正しい心構え」(English)Golden Rule
Shimada, Sunao 島田直「主に喜ばれる教会を目指して」Aiming To Become A Church That Pleases The Lord (Bi-Lingual)Church
Shimizu, Setsu 清水摂Unleashing God's blessings through Returnees Ministries (English)Unleasing-Audio; Video
Taylor, Ken Breaking the Code for Effective Evangelism in Japan Through Innovation And Contextualization (English)Webinar
Ueno, Itsuo 上野五男「仏式葬儀の意味と対応について」 (Japanese)Funeral

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