2011 International RJC Conference

Date:February 17-19, 2011

Place: Northshore Baptist Church, Bothell, Washington

Audio & Video

Conference Plenary Sessions


Jack and Keiko Marshall Messages

Message concerning Returnees and Evangelism
Basics in Ministry: Sharing the Gospel

Jack and Keiko are a husband and wife team with a background that has well equipped them for the unique bilingual ministry to which God has called them. With years of experience in ministry while living in Japan, Brazil, and Indonesia as well as overseeing ministry in Korea and Taiwan, they are well versed in the needs of the church around the world with a special burden for the Japanese, both in Japan and overseas. Jack, having started his ministry in youth work, maintains an excitement of presenting Biblical truth in a living and vital way. Keiko shares this same excitement as she translates these truths into Japanese.


Yusaku Ota Message

Saturday Afternoon Video: The Gospel in the Japanese Culture

Yusaku Ota: Dr. Ota was born in Mie Prefecture in 1954. He grew up in a non-Christian family and trusted Jesus when he was 21. He served as a pastor in Japan for eight years before becoming a missionary from 1982 to 1990 in West Kalimantan/Borneo. Since then he leads as the principal of the Kansai Bible Institute.

Basics in Ministry

Japan from the Outside In-Dennis Peters


Dennis lived in Japan for over 20 years, ministering along with his wife and 5 children in rural Japan. He brings to the table a perspective developed from years in the very traditional and deeply religious areas of Japan. He has a fine understanding of and deep appreciation for Japanese Culture.

Literature Tools for Evangelism-Don Regier


Don is a missionary with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) and has served with his wife, Martha, in Japan for over 30 years. For 22 years Don has worked on the staff of Word of Life Press Ministries (WLPM), Japan’s largest Christian publisher, retailer and distributor. He creates English catalogs of WLPM’s Japanese publications and gives “Evangelism Tools” seminars to new missionaries in Japan. He also serves in evangelism at Asaka Bible Church.


Roald Lidal is a Norwegian missionary to Japan where he has served with New Life Minstries in literature work since 1970. NLM Japan is supplying Bibles for believers in countries where God’s Word is in short supply, in addition to publishing evangelistic literature. Over the past few years his publishing has mainly been focused on retelling the Bible in manga form under the Seattle based non-profit corporation, NEXT. Roald is the leader of NLM Japan as well as of NEXT.

Outstanding Christian Leaders-Roberta Peabody


Roberta has ministered in Japan with TEAM since 1991, serving for most of the time as International Staff at Japan’s largest Christian publisher, Word of Life Press Ministries. During her next term she will be concentrating on working with returnees.

Outstanding Past Christian Leaders-Izumi Araki

Izumi Araki Seminar Handout (Download)

Izumi graduated from Regent College in 2007. She is currently writing about Nitobe Memorial Garden in UBC from a Christian persective. She is also doing ministry with Japanese visitors in Vancouver to help connect local English speaking churches and churches in Japan. In addition, she is a freelance translator, interpreter, and craftsman.

Preparing Them to Return-Ken Milhous


Ken Milhous is a missionary with Converge Worldwide, reaching Japanese in the United States, primarily Boston, where he pastors the Boston Japanese Christian Church. He also serves as the Director of Japanese Ministry in the U.S. for Converge. He was raised in Japan as the son of missionaries, living in Nagoya for a majority of his time there.

Ministry Issues

Process for Japanese Coming to Christ-Ken Milhous

Tools for Cross Cultural Communication-Sylvia Ramquist

Tools for Cross-Cultural Communication Seminar Handout (Download)
Sylvia Ramquist

Sylvia and her husband Mark served as missionaries in Japan for 20 years, using English classes as a ministry tool. She now serves as Minister of International Ministry at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington.

Problem of Hikikomori-Roseline Yong


Roseline is the coordinator for Heart4Japan, and lives in Japan. Her areas of interest span across social epidemiology and culture as well as relationship between Japanese and Chinese. She works on the issues of hikikomori and suicide prevention, and seeks ways to bridge the gap between local community and churches in Japan.

Exciting Ministry Opportunities for Returnees-Dan Brannen


Dan has been working with international students in the Seattle area for the past 30 years. Dan’s primary focus is helping returning international students get connected with the Body of Christ in their homelands. Since the February conference the Brannens have transitioned to Tokyo to be more directly involved in the returnee ministry.

Christian Life-Japanese Language Track


Hiroyasu Iwabuchi’s Seminar:

Following the Example of Ukon Takayama  「キリシタン大名高山右近にならいて」

Pastor Iwabuchi left his ministry at Yokohama Bible Church and came to Wheaton University in 1969. After graduating there, he studied at Fuller Seminary. After ministries in Los Angeles and Manhatten, he came to Seattle in 1977, serving the Blaine Memorial Church Japanese division.
岩渕 宏安, 横浜聖書教会での奉仕を終え、1969年に渡米し、ホイートン大学院とフラー神学校で学ぶ。その後ロスアンジェルスとマンハッタンにおいて牧会をし、1977年にシアトルに移り、ブレインメモリアル合同メソジストで2008年まで牧会する。現在は、同じ教会でパートタイムの奉仕を続けている。


Satoru Nakanishi’s Seminar:How to Read The Bible 「 どう聖書を読む?どう聖書に読まれる?

Satoru Nakanishi is serving the Japanese speaking ministries at Seattle Japanese Presbyterian Church in Seattle. 18歳で初めて聖書に出会い、2年後にイエス・キリストを信じる。シカゴのJudson Universityでビジネスを専攻。卒業後、日本で約7年間サラリーマンとして働く。2005年に神の召しを感じRegent Collegeへ留学し、2009年に卒業。現在はシアトル日本人長老教会の日本語ミニストリーで仕えています。


Takako Kuyama Molgard’s Seminar: Witnessing to Your Family

RJCセミナー家族への証し2011RJCセミナー家族への証し (Download)

Takako has been serving Horizon Japanese Church as senior pastor since 2008. She graduated from Kansai Bible Institute in 2000. She served as associate pastor in Kamigori Evangelical Church since that time, and was sent as a missionary to Seattle in 2008. She graduated from Seattle Bible College in 2007.


Gordon Kaneda’s Seminar: Love Love, A to Z (Dating to Marriage)

Gordon Kaneda is the pastor of Lynnwood Japanese Church in Lynnwood, Washington. He has been an active supporter of the RJC movement over the years.

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

Sharing Your Testimony in Manga Form-Nate Butler, Kathleen Webb


Nate is Director of COMIX35, a Christian comics ministry offering international consultation, coaching, and seminars on the production and effective use of comics-style literature. Prior to that Nate made his living for 20+ years as a cartoonist, graphic artist, and writer/illustrator of comics. He worked on over a dozen
characters, including the Muppets, Archie, Looney Tunes & Tiny Toons, Popeye, and Mighty Mouse. He has also written, edited, packaged and/or published a number of Christian cartoon tracts, comic books, and graphic novels.

Kathleen has a wide range of work experience in manga with Archie Comics, Focus on the Family, and Marvel comics. She presently works for World Vision. She and her husband, Bill, have hosted over twenty different Japanese girls over the last 15 years.

Using Anime for Evangelism-Tim Ingle, Keith and Celia Olson

Lets Love Japan.pptx
Anime Seminar

Ingle, Tim is an animator and digital story teller. He is the chairman of Let’s Love Japan, a non-profit organization with the mission of sharing the Gospel in Japan through the use of entertainment media. He lives in the Washington D.C. area with his wife, Sarah, and their one-year-old son, Johan

Teaching An English Bible Class-Sylvia Ramquist & JoAnn Wright

Teaching an Effective English Bible Class

JoAnn, and her husband Don served in Japan for 35 years and now teaches weekly ELL Bible classes at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington.

Preparing a Christian Festival-Daniel Kikawa and Gordon Kaneda

Daniel has been researching cross-cultural issues for over 20 years. He has taught thousands of missionaries on every continent. He also serves as president of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries which produced the DVD, God’s Fingerprints in Japan. And he serves as a pastor.