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Social MinistriesTitlePresenterDetailsLink
Common Issues Facing Japanese Living in the USKen YabukiRJC Conf. 2015 AudioLink
Suicide Prevention & Other Counseling NeedsYoichi FujiyabuRJC Conf. 2013 VideoLink
Testimony by Makito Matsuda Tohoku MinistryMakito MatsudaRJC Conf. 2013 VideoLink
Plenary Session - Shirahama Suicide Prevention, etc.Yoichi FujiyabuRJC Conf. 2013 VideoLink
Five Necessary Elements For A Church That Shines In The CommunityMakito MatsudaRJC Conf. 2013 AudioLink
Testimony-Prison MinistryHiroshi IgarashiRJC Conf. 2013 VideoLink
Understanding Hikikomori in JapanRoseline YongRJC Conf. 2011Link