I’m Still Amazed

///I’m Still Amazed

I’m Still Amazed

I’m Still Amazed

It continues to happen. I’m amazed again at how the Lord connects people for the advance of His Kingdom in Japan. This last week JoAnn and I had coffee with Dawn Birkner, a missionary in Kagawa, Japan. She has a great burden for the unchurched towns in Japan. She desires to mobilize church-planting teams and praying people. The next day I had an email from David Spurdle who shared about his desire to mobilize people to pray for the unchurched towns and cities in Japan. (See the side-bar concerning “Yoke Fellowship.”

Then yesterday I was amazed by another connection. When we met Dawn, she shared about a woman from Kagawa who just married a young farmer from the Midwest, USA. Yesterday I was sitting across the table from the younger sister from Kagawa! And she was on her way to a Christian camp here in Washington where she will hear the gospel for the first time.

I am amazed and excited to be part of the network of people reaching out to Japanese here in the USA and Canada. And I am excited about how this is impacting Japan!

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