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1. Would you like to support us on a Monthly basis? Perhaps your church would like to send a monthly offering to help us with our regular expenses. (Printing, Office, Postage, Promotional, etc.) P
2. Would you be able to send us a one time or occasional offering to help with specific expenses?
3. Would you like to send a special offering to provide for future ministry expenses?

We currently have a need in the following areas:
o $400 – Ink for Printing/Printer (partially paid for)
o $500 – Promotional Materials
o $2,000 – Director Travel for 2017 (Texas, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Portland, etc.)

Please follow the guidelines below to send support:
A. If you want a tax deductible receipt from the Church that holds our monies in trust, Please do the following:
Send your check to us at:
Ø Raging River Community Church, PO Box 948, Preston, WA 98050, Care of Jill Wright
Ø Write “RJC” on the Note section of the check, but Write the check to Raging River Community Church.
Ø Send us a note telling of your offering to:

B. You can send us an online donation at the following PayPal site: